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Root Canal Therapy

If you have a painful injured or decayed tooth, your dentist can often save it by extracting its pulp and sealing it. This procedure is known as a root canal.

In severe cases of tooth decay or trauma,  the dental pulp inside a tooth can become infected or injured. This means the supply of nutrients to the tooth can be hindered. This can be a painful condition that requires more than a simple filling. When left untreated the tooth can abscess and the infection can spread into the bone surrounding the tooth. In such a case, the pulp has to be removed to save the tooth from being extracted.  During a root canal procedure, your dentist will painlessly remove the infected dental pulp and replace it with an inert material to seal the tooth. This prevents bacteria from getting back into the tooth and spreading to other teeth.

Although root canal treatment might be one of the most widely feared dental treatments, at the Barrhaven Bright Smile Dental Clinic, our dentists will make sure your treatment is carried out in the most pain-free way possible.