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Sports Guards and TMJ appliances

Do you regularly experience headaches or jaw aches? Have you been told you grind your teeth at night? If so, you might be suffering from Temporomandibular joint Disorder and an appliance might be the solution to your symptoms.

While there are many ways to damage and wear your teeth, athletic injuries and grinding are very common. At Bright Smile Dental, we can create custom appliances to protect your teeth or your child’s teeth from harm.

TMJ Appliances (night guards)

In addition to damaged teeth, Clinching or grinding your teeth may leave you with headaches, earaches and jaw pain. Although there are many causes for these symptoms, a night guard is often the solution.

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports are a great way to keep you and your children active. They are also a very common way to injure your teeth.  If you or your children are involved in sports, you must wear a guard to protect your teeth from possible trauma.  At Bright Smile Dental Clinic, we will make sports guards that will give you the protection you need that is specific to your mouth.  Customs guards are cost-effective and are a lot more comfortable and less bulky than the off-the-shelf ones.